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Being a 4-H project Farm has many rewards.
You don't have to have kids to be a 4-H llama project farm. Visit your local extension agent to find if you have a county llama project. They may need llamas for kids that don't have an animal to use. This is a good way to expose your farm and to have your llamas worked with. There is usually many options for being involved.

The county fairs and 4H are needing llama judges. I am available to provide this service. I was trained in New Mexico by the Alpaca Llama Show Association (ALSA). I have been judging ever since. Our farm is located close to the Wisconsin border in Minnesota. I have a Wisconsin green card. I will travel up to 200 miles to judge. I am on the Minnesota extension Lama judging list. Travel costs should be included in judge fees.
Please call or email if you need a judge or if you know someone who is looking for a judge. llamadan@aol.com or dial 651-439-7821
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