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Llama driving can be the most exciting thing you've
done with your llama!

Taking your llama to another stage of skill will raise his value and give you a sense of accomplishment. The training does take time and commitment. The more time you invest the more pleasure you will have. My name is Dan Whittaker.

Cart driving clinics
Questions? llamadan@aol.com, cell651-295-5340

We offer llama driving clinics in the Minnesota 5 state area. The minimum number of people for a clinic is 5 single or couples per day. The price varies with the rent of the location and insurance. The optimum is to have a local person or farm host the clinic. This person coordinates the location for the clinic. We promote the clinic and provide the carts and harnesses. The clinic can be done in a 6-8 hour day. The participants can bring their own llamas or learn from helping the others participating. The cost is for couples or partners because true training and safety should be done with two people for awhile. County fair grounds are the optimum environment. The cost is usually between 60 and 75 dollars per couple. Harnesses and carts will also be available for sale. If you have your own equipment we can work with that also.



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