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Braid over the nose X style and fixed ring!!

New Diamond over nose

Leather llama products you have only seen for equine, are now made for llamas!

The halters are standard 3 ring halters and X style. They have the same sizing as my nylon halters. The leather is tooled, dyed, and edged. Construction is bonded and riveted with nickel rivets. We use only soft and supple leathers. Optional Braiding, embossing, chrome spots and diamonds available. Plain with creases has a very show look too. The halters are produced by me in our shop in Minnesota.

Our leather halters will give you confidence and show you mean business in the show ring. They are also great for showcasing your llama at sales and parades.

My leather selection is quite vast when I vend. My web site only offers a few because of the options offered would be too cumbersome to try to catalog. With that said if you have a favorite design or something you want please email me or send a picture of something you saw or want.

We have matching leather leads (embossing,braiding and spots are not on the leads).
Note: Leather orders may take up to 3 days dependent on inventory and amont of orders.

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